Monday, January 22, 2007

Voodoo seeks advice

Dear Voodoo:

I am a blogger with a problem. You see, there's this anonymous fuckwit who posted a dare on my blog; a dare to post one of my problems. So I am seeking your advice. Do I tell this cowardly asshole who hides behind anonymity that their head is full of human excrement, cow extrement, or dog excrement.


Dear Voodoo:

You are a courageous fellow to solicit advice from such a 'hard case'. For this, you are to be commended on your intestinal fortitude and good looks. One must always remember to see the forest for the trees. It matters not whether this asshole's head is full of human shit, bullshit, or dogshit. It just matters that they are full of shit. It's patently obvious that this self-proclaimed know it all is a candy-ass for hiding behind anonymity. As such, since they do not feel their letters are important enough to sign their name to them, their letters are not worthy of my attention. Thus, they are wasting my time. Anyone who wastes my time has earned "Shitbird" status, and will be ignored. Let this be a lesson to this, or any other asshole who doesn't have the guts to post their real handle when they're trying to call me out.

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