Friday, April 20, 2007


Dear Carolyn Voodoo:

So, met this guy at an event in late summer. He was interested. I was full of myself and liked having lots of boys interested so I blew him off. Fast-forward to last weekend, when we bump into each other and hit it off like gangbusters. Then last night, when he tells me he is not interested in a relationship with anyone. And he's still (angry) about the first time we met.

Am I a total jerk? Or did I just do some growing up in the intervening time and I am paying the price for my immaturity?

Too Good 4 U

Dear Too Good 4 U:

You're not a total jerk, you're a stuck up cunt! And you should rightfully be paying the price for your immaturity.

You wrote a 'cunt' check the night you blew this guy off. You probably treated him like shit. You liked being the center of attention and didn't think he was good enough. Now that he's good enough, he's figured out YOU ARE NOT. And you have the gall to wonder why he's pissed at you? And you can't rub those two brain cells together long enough to figure this out for yourself?

SUCK IT UP! The time has come to cash that check. And he wants to be paid in full. Tough shit. Think about that next time you act like you're too good for someone. YOU are not the center of the universe. Contrary to the popular colloquialism, one found on plenty of female t-shirts, IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.

Quit your fucking bitching and start eating that big shitburger you made. CHOW DOWN, HOG!

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