Thursday, April 26, 2007

Purebred Shitbirds

Dear Annie Voodoo:

I am a single mother of two girls, ages 4 and 2. Their father isn't in the picture much. I love my kids, but sometimes I think I never should have had children.

A while ago I put my 4 year old into group counseling because she was very aggressive with her little sister and argued with me about everything - what to wear, when to go to bed, etc. She hasn't improved much, and it's making me crazy. Rewards and discipline don't work.

I am on an anti-depressant and take a sleeping pill. My children sleep in bed with me every night, just so I don't have to battle with them, which means I have to go to bed when they do, leaving me no time for myself. They wear me down until I cry myself to sleep.

The sleeping arrangements are also causing problems with my boyfriend. Please help. I don't know what to do.


Dear Candyass:

Who wears the pants in your family, you or these brats? If you have to think more than 3 seconds about the correct answer, you should wash all those sleeping pills down with a fifth of Jose Cuervo.

You're a fucking adult, first for possessing the inability to realize that single motherhood is NOT a viable lifestyle choice. Things like that are NOT to be done. There's a reason why men are required in the family, and that reason is illustrated in your letter: to police the family and prevent shitbird from infecting one's progeny.

All you hairy-legged dykes with dog-collars who are pissed off at me right now, FUCK YOU TOO.

Back to the original problem:

It's obvious we cannot stuff these kids back up your uterus where they never should have exited in the first place. That horse done run out the barn. Thus, we have to work on fixing the problem from here forward. First, these kids are 4 and 2, they have no business sleeping in your bed. They have even less business sleeping in your bed when your boyfriend sleeps over. Your boyfriend has no business sleeping over either. Don't you fucking remember how you got into this mess in the first place?

Next, YOU make the rules. YOU must enforce them. Kids need to know rules will be enforced and transgressions will result in punishment. If they do not, they grow up thinking the rules don't apply to them and turn into your average bar-skank. Your 4 year old brat can argue all she wants. You hold your ground and don't give in. You give in, she learns she can wear you down by being a brat. You outlast her, she'll figure out a different method to get what she wants.

Your 4 year old brat wants to beat up her sister, you give her a nice hard wallop on the ass. All you bleeding-heart assholes who think that you should treat kids like an adult: FUCK YOU TOO, for you are full of shit if you think treating someone who is clearly not an adult like an adult works. She learns walloping sis ends up to be a (literal) pain in the ass, she will quit. If junior shitbird #2 learns lying about sis beating her up works, you wallop her on the ass too.

You are an undisciplined twit. I genuinely share your wish that you never had children. These 2 brats are going to be problems guys like me will have to straighten out after it's far too late. Quit trying to be your kids' pal and start laying the fucking law down already.


Laboratory Mike said...

Voodoo, that's another amazing post. It's so great I can't think of a sufficiently thoughtful compliment.

k-dog said...

Voodoo, here's one you can rip open. It appeared today (2 May).

Dear Abby:

I am a 28-year-old woman and have been dating a 26-year-old man I'll call "Chris" for four months. We have become good friends. On our last date, the topic of sex came up, and Chris told me that he was a virgin and that it was very important for him to find a girl who had "never been with anyone" either.

Well, Abby, that bridge was burned when I was a teenager. I was honest with Chris about it, which was not easy because I now regret some of the poor choices I made at that time of my life. I am a completely different person now due to a religious conversion and am waiting until I am married to have sex again.

I told Chris this, and asked if he wanted to continue the relationship. His answer was he'd "have to think about it." We are still friends. He says he likes me and still wants us to date.

However, although I care deeply for him, I now feel devalued. I'm afraid this issue is going to cause problems in the future. I believe that purity is an issue more of the heart than the body. If I had known that virginity was so important to Chris, I would never have dated him in the first place.

DEFLOWERED in Pennsylvania

Dear "Dee":

Cross Chris off your list as husband material. Your friend may be self-conscious about his lack of experience or his old-fashioned values. It's the old double standard, and even some men who have sown acres of wild oats feel this way.

While most men today have more sophisticated thinking about sex, the one you are dating has his heart set on a "sweet old-fashioned girl." If that's what he wants, it's his privilege — provided he can find one.