Saturday, March 22, 2008

She's ignored when dining out

Dear Abby Voodoo:

You printed a letter from a woman who told you her pet peeve was that when she and her friends went to restaurants, they were addressed as "you guys" by the servers.

Now let me share my pet peeve: What really frosts me is the way some waiters address only my husband. They greet only him when we arrive, and thank only him when we leave. Apparently I am invisible! If they don't value my business, why should I give it to them.

-Windmill Fighter

Dear Windmill Fighter:

There's a reason women are addressed as "you guys". It's because they look, dress, swear, act, and are generally poor caricatures of men. Best man for the job is a woman and all that nonsense.

Some reasons for waiters not addressing you:

When it's your husband leaning out the window to place the order in the clown's head, and when it's your husband grabbing the bag from the drive-thru window, OF COURSE THEY'RE ONLY GOING TO ADDRESS HIM you fucking idiot.

And yes, you're a fucking idiot. Most dipshits who suffer this "indignity" refuse to grace that restaurant with their presence again, tell their friends to do the same, and leave it at that. But no, you have to turn it into a national emergency and gripe about it to some cunt in the newspaper who can do absofuckinglutely nothing about it instead of telling the one guy that can: YOUR HUSBAND. He's the only one who can do anything about it because he's the one that's paying the tab. You dumb broads have been harping about how equal you are, yet, you never can seem to pick up the dinner tab. So of course they're only going to acknowledge him, he's the one directly responsible for THEIR tip, so he's the only one that counts.

Why are you even bothering others with this shit? Go pester the guy who had the misfortune of marrying your anal-retentive ass and leave those of us with more pressing matters to attend to alone.

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