Friday, December 8, 2006

Inner-skank demands freedom!

Dear Voodoo:

I started dating very late for a girl in the current generation and have only had one bf so far.

My bf is an acceptably nice guy but we have many differences, the biggest of all with culture and religion.

I'm thinking of leaving the relationship in search of someone better. Should I?

I wanna be a ho

Dear Ho in training:

By all means, go find yourself a new boyfriend that's not so "boring". Save this guy that hassle of dealing with your whiny, naggy, phony ass. Let your inner-skank run wild and free!

By doing this, the rest of us men who are searching for a woman who isn't fucked in the head like you will see your behaviour and heed the warning it provides, and several hundred adorable stray cats will find your house a nice warm place to live.


Anonymous said...

You're a hard case.

Even though I understand why you want to go us women, I can't help but wonder if anything I have put on websites are a target to you.

Maybe there are no limits. Put one of your problems on this site and let me put you right. I dare you!

It is sooooo easy to tell women "how pathetic their emotions or drama problems are" but I will tell you, it is just as easy to do the same to males. Unfortunately, it could send them to committing suicide. Because more often than not, men only speak out when they are really at the edge otherwise they do their best to keep it to themselves. Sad but true.

So, even though I can be just as hard (a bitch) and tell people 'How it is and how pathetic their lives are', I choose not too. Although a few years ago I did the same as what you are doing but to their faces. Now I think what you do (as I did) is pretty fucked up.

Anonymous said...

Well, I see you don't risk to take the dare. I will come back tomorrow and see if you have the courage.

It takes courage to hear! Please don't just be the type of person who only judges others. These type of people are the polititions and feminists.

Anonymous said...

You post a dare, yet hide behind an anonymous name? Fuck off.

Mike D said...

More postings, less stupid bitches that think their opinions are worth more than dogshit.

Anonymous said...

No one's listening skank.
Fuck off cuz we don't care anymore.

Go crawl in a corner and die.

Hey, skanky girl.

SUCK IT ALL UP like the whore you are.

BTW nice one Voodoo Jock!

R. Daneel Olivaw said...

Loving the blog Voodo. Keep it up.

-R. Daneel Olivaw

K-dog said...

VJ, when do we get some more? You haven't posted anything new in over a month, and your take on the usual advice columns is hilarious (and the utter truth). Please—we need our fix!

crella said...

"Even though I understand why you want to go us women, I can't help but wonder if anything I have put on websites are a target to you."

This doesn't even make sense...